Pre-Professional Programs and Institutes

The Academy of Our Lady prepares students for success in college, career and life. New initiatives in Culinary Arts, Health Science and Business will give hands-on experience that forms a strong foundation for advanced study after high school.

The Program of Academic Majors offers select students a path of study with a specific concentration in Health Science, Law & Civil Leadership, STEM, or Culinary Arts.

Culinary Arts

This program, offered in conjunction with The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University, allows students to prepare for careers as a pastry chef, maitre d'host, executive chef, or restaurant manager. The students also extend the Academy's outreach, offering meals to the residents of Wynhoven retirement community, the retired priests at St. John Vianney, and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the poor.

Culinary arts relate to the art, science, and business of preparing food for the public or for larger institutions. More involved than just whipping up delicious meals–although cooking is a sizable part of this major–this amazingly rich and varied major addresses everything related to the food and restaurant industry!

The Culinary Arts Major includes enrollment in the National ProStart program. This two-year program is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

ProStart students are trained in safety and sanitation, kitchen and management essentials, communication, leadership, purchasing, inventory and cost control. 

They master skills that experts identify as critical to success such as knife skills, customer service, culinary techniques, and marketing.

The Culinary Arts Major prepares a student to pursue this career path in college!


Health Science

Academy of Our Lady's Health Science Program addresses not only the national and state health care shortages, but supplies the answer for the expressed interest of AOL's students in health care professions.

It provides students with a curriculum that allows them to explore a variety of health care professions, become comfortable with the language used by health care professionals, practice employability skills, increase their appreciation of and application to the sciences, and learn basic clinical skills.

The Health Care Connections Program combines the key elements of discovery by integrating academics and clinical experience in order to provide a true educational experience.  It aims to inspire academic excellence, strong communication, and personal growth in the young person.

A vital component of this program is an internship in local health care facilities.  During this time students are mentored by professionals in various careers and work settings.

In addition to sequential class course work students:

  • interact with health care professionals both at school and local health care facilities
  • maintain logs to record personal reflections, techniques, procedures, terminology
  • give presentations based on experiences
  • write research papers


Law & Civil Leadership

The Law & Civil Leadership Major epitomizes our Vision Statement. Students in this major explore careers in the legal profession, government, and activism.

Students learn the inner-workings of law firms, courtrooms, and legislatures. They interact with legal professionals, public office holders, and others involved in civic careers. Some of the careers in this major include: Government Servant, Community Organizer, Litigation Support Professional, Compliance Specialist, Public Policy Analyst, Legal Nurse, Judge, Lawyer, Paralegal, Arbitrator, Mediator and Lobbyist.

The Law & Civil Leadership Major provides the basis for college studies!


STEM (Science, Technology, Engeneering and Math)

The STEM Major prepares young women for an engineering career, and enhances their lives as global citizens in a technological society. Academy of Our Lady is one of two schools in Louisiana selected for membership in the Engineer Your World program.

The Engineer Your World program is a joint effort of UTeach Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, the National Science Foundation, the Math-Science partnership, the Cockrell School of Engineering and the College of Education at the University of Texas, and the national network of Engineer Your World schools. This program is the foundation of the STEM Major at Academy of Our Lady and supports students in critically as well as analytically thinking about the world around them by providing realistic problem solving experiences.

Applying math, science, and technological content, Academy students—who participate in the STEM Major—gain hands-on experience completing numerous projects such as building cameras, programming robots, wiring grids, and re-designing products.



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